Monday, October 24, 2011

Was there ever a boss that you just wanted to kill? I did

Was there ever a boss that you just wanted to kill? I did, in my younger years working in a fast food restaurant I encounter a boss from hell. She would get on my nerves. There were moments when I said “God I would just choke her to death.” If I really did I wouldn’t be writing this review and you wouldn’t be reading it. That’s why we have a film like Horrible Bosses that gleefully explores that.

The film begins with three men, Jason Bateman as Nick who works for Dave Harken played by Kevin Spacey. An egotistical cruel boss who denies Nick his promotion, Jason Sudeikis as Kurt who works for his deceased boss’s son Bobby played by Colin Farrell, A cokehead and as wells as brings hookers in to the office. Lastly there is Dale played by Charlie Day who is a dental assistant to Dr. Julia Harris played by Jennifer Aniston, who verbally and physically sexually harasses him knowing that he has a fiancĂ©.

One day sitting in a bar fed up with how their bosses treat them. They actually decide to come up with a plan to kill their bosses. They find Jamie Fox who is a suppose assassin and gives them tips. They get into very weird situations.

What I love about the film is the bosses are great; they were more interesting then the actual main characters. Spacey is evil as ever and made a lot of big laughs. Colin Farrell did an awesome job playing a messed up cokehead. However Aniston was the one that shine the most. She was very hot and did great as a sexual deviant, torturing Dale in the dental office. Although that is the movie’s biggest strength it’s also its weakness. Honestly the bosses were more interesting characters then the actual main characters. Although all three comedic actors did their part and had very humorous lines the bosses were the ones that made me laugh the most.

The movie can get really mean spirited at times. However that’s not counting all the movies which come out every Friday and there mostly quite depressing.

Horrible Bosses is a funny film which explores it dark premise and although it’s lacking in compelling characters, it’s a great fun ride to go through.



  1. Might be worth a rental when it comes out on Itunes. Nice review. I'm following you.

  2. I'll give this a rent when it comes out, i've been waiting to see this. Great review, Miguel

  3. Ah, I didn't like this much. But the references were nice.