Sunday, April 14, 2013

It’s way past my age but trust me the feeling is mutual.

This Is 40

On March 15 2013 I turned twenty six and basically in my mind, I’m dreading turning thirty. What’s funny is how this movie came along This is 40. It’s way past my age but trust me the feeling is mutual.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The best thing about it though is that a female found him which is quite ironic in my opinion.

Zero Dark Thirty 

I don’t know much about politics and frankly I don’t really follow it or get involved. However Zero Dark Thirty is one damn good political thriller about the search and death of Osama Bin Laden. The best thing about it though is that a female found him which is quite ironic in my opinion.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Is Rise of the Guardians a good babysitter for your kids why of course but it’s really nothing else.

Rise of the Guardians(2012)

There is a lot animated films that are released throughout the year some are good, and others mediocre. There are the ones that get nominated and the ones that are good but ultimately are unforgettable. That’s where Rise of the Guardians fit in.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top Films of 2011

Top Ten Films of the year 2011

1. The Tree of Life

Director Terrence Malick brings a spiritual journey through tragedy on the big screen. Showing a family in turmoil and at the same time bringing us his vision of how the world was created. Mixing incredbile, surrealistic visuals of life and his narrative touch. Comes a film that could be easily misunderstood without having a open mind, but if one just Gomez correct the ride it teaches hope, faith and humanity.

2. Drive

There's aways a film that absorbs it's pop culture and that's what Drive is. A film that blends music and visuals together to make a film that this generation of cinema needs. With a powerful quiet performance from Gosling and a delicious evil Mel Brooks comes a film where that it proves you can a make a stylish film the right way

3. Shame

Writer and director Steve McQueen is what we needed in cinema. He's the young filmmakers we need to change cinema, to make important films about people and relationships instead of the amount of ticket sales. Same explores sex addiction to it's core. Michael Fassbender is amazing.

4. The Descendants

I have not seen much of Alexander Payne's work but The Descendants makes me want to explore his work. Bolstered by a excellent performance from George Clooney, the film explores family problems through a mature.and realistic way. Never once falling into melodramatic trappings.
5. The Artist

The Artist is fine filmmaking, making a black and white film in the 2000's and receiving the acclaim it's gotten takes balls. A true tribute to the silent film era. Reminds us the cinema is suppose to entertain us.

6. Moneyball

Baseball movies come and go but Moneyball stays with you. One of the best scripts I've seen and heard and great exploration of the cutthroat business behind a baseball team. Brad Pitt is awesome (throws chairs like a boss) and a great surprise performance from Jonah Hill!!

7. Midnight in Paris

Take a pot and mix these ingredients: Woody Allen, Owen Wilson, a Paris backdrop, a academy award winning script what you get: Midnight in Paris, if your not in charmed from this movie your a evil gnome.

8. 50/50

The best way to tell your parents u have cancer: "Um..have you ever seen Terms of Endearment.." 50/50's greatest achievement is that it has respect towards it's disease instead of making it shallow or melodramatic or cliche. This years Funny People.

9. The Girl With the Dragon Tatto

I always love a great thriller and Fincher brings in every thing to the max. The movie looks gorgeous and it's suspenseful. Rooney Mara is great as Lisbeth and Daniel Craig is great as usual. Fincher is the man!!!

10. Hugo

With a career that includes Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, The Departed, Gangs of New York, you wouldn't expect this director to make a children's film. Well Martin Scorsese did it with Hugo. Basically making a kids film that kicks the ass of other kids films.

11. The Ides of March

As a political thrillers goes The Ides of March is up there with great performances from top actors. The film explores The ugly side of politics.

12. Warrior

A movie that blends great acting, great direction and awesome fight scenes. A performance that got Nick Nolte an Oscar nomination. A must see.

13. 13 Assassins

A epic tale of a ruthless noble and the 13 assassins hired to stop. Experience a movie where 13 men risks there lives for a noble cause against an army. Having classic trends from classic Japanese films Takishi Miike makes you feel for the characters right before the epic action starts.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The movie begins with a evil creature killing things, damn evil creatures!!!


Warner Brothers has struck gold with DC comics, the Batman franchise, upcoming Superman reboot and Watchmen. Sadly the Green Lantern is not going to be in the hall of fame any time soon.

Crazy, Stupid, Love is what rom coms need a breath of fresh air even if it’s a small one.


This movie proves that love could really be crazy and stupid all at the same time.

Now a days romantic comedies come and go, there is so much formulaic and predictable movies of this genre coming out you can recite the whole thing with a blindfold. It’s so sad that the best romantic comedy I have seen that got full marks from me was 500 Days of Summer. That was a long time ago but now comes a comedy that transcends the genre, nothing really ground breaking but enough to kick other movies of the genre to the curb.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It doesn't explore the pathos fully but it's a fun ride andone of the better mainstream films of the past summer.


Marvel's comic book adaptations gets better and better. Captain America might not reach the height of other better comic book films but it's up there.