Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The movie begins with a evil creature killing things, damn evil creatures!!!


Warner Brothers has struck gold with DC comics, the Batman franchise, upcoming Superman reboot and Watchmen. Sadly the Green Lantern is not going to be in the hall of fame any time soon.

The film is based on the comic book character the Green Lantern you know the one that wears all green and has the ring. He can make objects with it. It’s a pretty cool concept and story and it’s one of the oldest DC comics. Sadly all that mythology didn’t transfer well on the screen.

The movie begins with a evil creature killing things, damn evil creatures!!! Then we get Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) a cocky test pilot who is in the habit of messing everything up. Even almost causing a company to go bankrupt. Damn young potential superheroes!!! Then at the same time we get a purple alien who’s a green lantern as well gets attack by that same evil creature and crashes to earth. Guess what Hal Jordan is picked to become the next and first human green lantern . At the same time the alien body is recovered and lonely Dr. Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) is called to experiment on it, gets infected with a strange form of herpes and becomes a baddie. After some nifty special effects and self denial from Hal Jordan’s part, he sums up the courage and has to save the world, from a huge yellow fart cloud/evil creature.

The best thing here is honestly Peter Sarsgaard as the villain even though with his abnormal herpes, he was very creepy and had more depth then most of the other characters. One of the main problems is Ryan Reynolds, he can’t take the subject matter serious enough wrong choice for the main character. Every time he tries to be serious I feel like he’s going to crack a joke.

However the biggest flaw the excessive use of special effects in the film. It is ridiculous how much CGI is used here. Every thing feels like it was made in a assembly line like a machine made it. There’s no love in it or appreciation for the character that is pretty awesome.

If you want to see excessive CGI, or Ryan Reynolds try, or maybe see how mutated herpes can affect Peter Sarsgaard go watch it, other then that go watch The Dark Knight.   

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  1. I agree that Peter Sarsgaard was the best thing, but I still liked this. Good review, be sure to check mine out