Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love is what rom coms need a breath of fresh air even if it’s a small one.


This movie proves that love could really be crazy and stupid all at the same time.

Now a days romantic comedies come and go, there is so much formulaic and predictable movies of this genre coming out you can recite the whole thing with a blindfold. It’s so sad that the best romantic comedy I have seen that got full marks from me was 500 Days of Summer. That was a long time ago but now comes a comedy that transcends the genre, nothing really ground breaking but enough to kick other movies of the genre to the curb.

Crazy, Stupid, Love starts with Cal (Steve Carell) a man who goes out to dinner with his wife Emily (Julianne Moore) and ends up getting the bad news that she wants a divorce because she’s cheating on him. He quietly goes and bottles up his emotions and tries to start over. He goes frequently goes to a bar and spills his troubles to unknown people and to the bottle. He gets heard from Jacob (Ryan Gosling) a professional playboy who spends his nights picking up random women from the bar. He decides to help him out and teach him the ways to be able to have one night stands with different women. At the same time Jacob meets Hannah (Emma Stone) a lawyer who doesn’t really fall for his tricks. Which of course makes him go after her more, you know the drill.

The movie’s biggest flaw is that its predictable, but the movie transcends the genre by making it work with fresh dialogue and actors that make their characters more then one dimensional. It’s good to see Carell back as the leading man, he’s incredibly funny at the most awkward moments. While most actors these days are f@#k you or f@#k that. He’s comedy style is simple and mostly about everyday things. Ryan Gosling is having a great year with three films under his belt including this one, he’s on role. He did good as the sexist douchbag to the “oh crap I think I might like this girl” role. Emma Stone is simply beautiful and she’s on the right road to stardom.

Yes the movie is formulaic and predictable but what makes this different then other rom coms that it’s well made and well acted, and it’s a perfect example of making something that’s similar the right way. Something to be able to enjoy. Good actors and a well written script. As well as good exploration on love, by the way Marisa Tomie has a cameo which is really funny!! The movie was directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa their previous credits were screenwriting, and their directorial debut was the sweet comedy drama I Love You Phillip Morris. If they keep going like this they have a bright future.

Crazy, Stupid, Love is what rom coms need a breath of fresh air even if it’s a small one.



  1. Great review Miguel! I absolutely loved this. I wasn't expecting too much but got so much enjoyment out of it. I agree with you about it perhaps being predictable (although I had no idea Emma Stone was Steve Carrell's daughter) and simple, however they manage to make it seem so much more than that which is what I really like. The characters are so accessible and I really like the way they highlight the fickleness of humans, because it's a truth that we don't like to admit but deep down we can't deny it. Great job!

  2. great review, Miguel. I'm really liking Ryan Gosling and i've loved Steve Carrell's comedic attempts since the 40 year old virgin, so i'll eventually check this one out