Thursday, December 1, 2011

It doesn't explore the pathos fully but it's a fun ride andone of the better mainstream films of the past summer.


Marvel's comic book adaptations gets better and better. Captain America might not reach the height of other better comic book films but it's up there.

As you all know Captain America was big in the 1940's. It was use more of a patriotic symbol considering they made comics of the hero battling Hitler and the Axis power. The film uses that concept up to a point. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) a sickly young man who just wants to serve his country. All his life he was deemed as weak, so you understand why he's crushed when he gets rejected from the Army. A German doctor Dr.Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) notices him and recruits him to a special division in the Army. After proving himself he gets accepted into the super solider testing, and gets the serum. Now he heads off to Europe to battle a evil scientist played by Hugo Weaving who of course wants world domination. He has to fight and at the same time remember where he comes from.

What I love about the movie was its throwback feel. These days in the movies we are losing that feeling. The feeling of going to the movies and having fun. Now a days it's mostly cash cows and a excuse for graphic violence. Captain America is like a tribute to the Indiana Jones movies. Nazis, ancient artifacts, and lots of adventure. Chis Evans in the role is actually the right choice. I couldn't see anybody else really pull it off. The love interest is sweet and chemistry between the actors are great. Tommy Lee Jones as a strict hard commander was great to watch.

Hugo Weaving as the villain was a little bit disappointing considering that other comic book film villains are explored much better. The writers and Weaving went for mad scientist role and really didn't explore why he wanted to take over.

My only problem with the film is that it doesn't go as deep as other Marvel films. Don't get me wrong there is actually dialogue and character development, but it doesn't really go deeper. In Spiderman 2 we saw Parker's fears and wants and the difficulties of being a hero. The First Avenger explores it so little. It has such a great ending where it really explores the pathos if only the entire film was that way.

The film was directed by Joe Johnston who has experience in these kind films. The Rocketeer and October Sky. After making the disappointing remake of The Wolfman it's good to get back on track with The First Avenger.

It doesn't explore the pathos fully but it's a fun ride and one of the better mainstream films of the past summer.

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  1. I caught this in cinemas and absolutely loved it. I do agree that Weaving could've been better as the red skull (as should how he was defeated), but I preferred this to Thor. Great review