Sunday, April 14, 2013

It’s way past my age but trust me the feeling is mutual.

This Is 40

On March 15 2013 I turned twenty six and basically in my mind, I’m dreading turning thirty. What’s funny is how this movie came along This is 40. It’s way past my age but trust me the feeling is mutual.

This is 40 is written and directed by Judd Apatow the new face of comedy. His type of comedy right now is either you hate it or love it. Some people can’t take a lot penis jokes. Apatow has made very interesting films. 40 Year Old Virgin and the very good Funny People. Although many people say his best film is Knocked Up. This is where his latest film comes in This is 40. The film is related to Knocked Up it’s not a sequel, but it’s a side story to Pete and Debbie played by Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. There are both experiencing a midlife crisis when they are both turning forty. Pete has inadequate issues and poor communication issues with Debbie. Debbie fears getting old, hates how Pete hides things and hates how there’s no time for romance. They have two girls who takes up all their time. They have a handful.

The film conveys a good midlife crisis and it also enhanced my fears of the inevitable three and zero. Rudd and Mann are great together, they really have good chemistry. There are also great older actors like Albert Brooks and John Lithgow who gives the film a good level of emotions of them as parents. We all dread getting old and This is 40 really explores those fears. They even have good catharsis where it shows them trying to fix themselves. While some comedies show excessive gags and mostly penis jokes, This is 40 actually makes the most relatable topics very funny.  

This is 40 may not be best comedy of all last year but it’s better than most movies...ahem..The Hangover Part Two....


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