Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Could Life Just be a Adjustment?

The Adjustment Bureau is a electrifying film that shows a great version of how we question our existence.
Matt Damon stars as David Norris a up and coming politician running for senate. One day a tabloid digs up a embarrassing prank that he did a long time ago and he basically loses the office. He goes to the bathroom and gloats and meets Elise played by Emily Blunt a girl who’s hiding out in the Men’s bathroom. She inspires him to make a speech that changes his image towards the people.

He falls in love with her and they meet again but that was a accident and was not suppose to happen according to these 1950’s clothes wearing people. Who wants them separated because of a higher purpose.
I don’t want to ruin this great film for anybody. This movie makes everything work. Good chemistry between Blunt and Damon, and great conversations about faith, religion and free will. A very smart script and good direction. I love how the fact there is no villain, it’s people with a concern for the greater good. They just don’t agree with each other.

It’s been a long time since there was a movie where two people actually see each other eye to eye and have a conversation. This movie strangely allows that happen and feels great to see that again. The film was directed by George Nolfi this is his film debut and he might be a director to be reckon with in the future.
Some people might not like the ending because it doesn’t fall on the trappings of a cliche ending. Name a religious experience that ended with answers instead of questions. You won’t find much.

One of the best of 2011.


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