Thursday, August 18, 2011

Love the 80’s and maybe that’s why I took it easy on the film.

Take Me Home Tonight is a collection of 80’s clichés and that is one my personnel guilty pleasures. Love the 80’s and maybe that’s why I took it easy on the film.

First of all Take Me Home Tonight is a tribute for the rated R comedies of the 80’s. There are numerous references towards 80’s movies and culture and including a banging soundtrack. The plot consists of Matt Frankiln (Topher Grace) a MIT grad who still works at a video rental store. One day a very beautiful girl from his high school comes to the store and he’s so embarrassed he hides the fact that he works there. He lies to her by saying that he works for Goldman and Sachs. There are going to the same party and they plan to meet there. The movie has all the required stuff for a 80’s movie. The bumbling sidekick, the sister who gives out a eye opening speech, and the beautiful girl that finds herself. Oh as well as getting caught by a parent at some point in the movie. In a magical way everything gets solved at the end.

The leads are great, the soundtrack is awesome for any 80’s fan. It has a overall sweetness about it. You’re pissed at it’s flaws but you can’t seem to get mad at it. There are times when the movie gets pretty predictable. If you saw every single famous 80’s teen movie then you probably seen this one. I think the problem with the film is it’s rating. The movie is very rated R. If it was lighter it probably would have been much better. John Hughes directed the best teen films in the 80’s and there were PG-13 or a light R. Those films were so much better then the hard R teen comedies. The film is pretty good the first half and it kind of shoots itself in the foot in the second half. Then when the final act comes you can admit you fell in love with a silly movie.

If you have that nostalgia for everything 80’s then this is your film, but why don’t you watch Easy A a better film that invokes John Hughes essence better.


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