Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sadly it just follows the same route towards mediocre PG-13 horror films.

The Rite tries to bring up the topic of exorcism is it real or just a hoax. The film tries to show that and at the same time talk about the faith of a man. Sadly it just follows the same route towards mediocre PG-13 horror films.

The film follows Michael Kovak played by Colin O’Donoghue a young man who works at a funeral home with his father played by Rugter Hauer. To escape from his home he tries priesthood but tries to quit. After a incident where it kind of tests his faith. A priest offers to try out a course that teaches how to do exorcisms. He takes the offer and heads to Italy. When he gets there he expresses doubt about the existence of devils and actual possession. The instructor sends him to Father Lucas played by Anthony Hopkins who has a lot of experience with exorcisms. That’s when Kovak starts really wondering what is real and what is not.

The film has a lot faults and it’s disappointing because the film kind of goes in the right track. The film had me in certain spots. Where the film shines is that it takes it’s subject very serious. There are very educated talks about religion and medical science. In the film people actually sit down and talk while now a days you don’t see that much. However the film shoots it’s self in the foot. The screenplay has no excitement and at times poorly written. There is also no scares a film about exorcisms and no actual scares. There is a sense of creepiness, but it’s pretty much what you get. As well as we all know that every exorcism movies has to beat the one that is the queen of them all, The Exorcist The cinematography though is amazing and it looks great. Kudos to Ben Davis the cinematographer.

The best thing about the film is of course is Anthony Hopkins, you give that man a teddy bear and he can make it scary. He brings a wise and man of experience in Father Lucas and when the latter parts of the movie comes he’s very impressive. While we’re talking about acting another thing that bogs down this movie is Colin O’Donoghue’s performance. His weak performance doesn’t really help you get through the movie. It’s a shame because the film was directed by Mikael Hafstrom the same who directed 1408 a much better horror movie then The Rite.

The Rite is well made and Hopkins’s is always great to watch, but it can help The Rite head to just another failed PG-13 horror pile.


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