Saturday, August 6, 2011

An Exhausting Experience

Insidious is an extremely scary movie and I can safely say the best horror film I’ve seen since the first Paranormal Activity.

Now a day with remakes and reboots it’s good to see filmmakers who try to at least be original. The film is directed by James Wan the same guy who brought us the Saw series, as well as the only good installment in the series.

The film begins with a family of five; Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne are the parents. One day one of their sons goes up in the basement and hurts himself. Even though everything looks fine the next day he slips into a coma. Ever since that strange thing starts happening in the house, noises, sightings of people. She wants to move and they do but it follows them and they call in an expert played by Lin Shaye. She tells them it’s not the house it’s their son.

This is one of the most exhausting experiences I had in awhile, the movie is truly scary. What makes it work is the attention of detail that Wan gives to his scares. Yes there are no extreme levels of violence. The simple things are what scare us the most. A certain noise, something we see that maybe it’s not real or is it.
I want to give credit to sound effects and the sound editing guys, because it can get nerve racking in the movie.

The two main problems with the film are that it can get predictable. The scares and creepiness stays throughout the film but you can guess what pretty much happens next. The last fifteen minutes can get kinda  of silly because rather then finishing it with a strong ending it leads to an extreme cliché chase scene.
Other then that hopefully PA3 and the other horror films that come out in October can prove me wrong when I say this.

Insidious is the best mainstream horror film of the year that is actually decent and original, and not a remake or reboot.


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